Hello! I am Emmanuel Murairi. I am experienced in Software and Web development. When I am not making businesses grow faster, I explore my passion in entrepreneurship by designing solutions for my community.

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Art management

Managing which art item is available for use, especially in a school of students full of creativity. The Art Management System empowers the art department of the African Leadership Academy to best utilise their resources.

Devis App

Devis App Compiles your Quotation, backed up with up to date information of the market prices, and allows you to purchase your items directly when you start your construction.

Library Management

School libraries are one of the resources that students struggle to the most from. The Library Management empowers students by allowing them to search, and school librarians to manage their resources.  

Time management

There is never a one fit all time management tool or strategy. The Time management tool, specialised to fit the programs of ALA students, creates a customized academic schedule.

Report Generator

The report generator is a software that automates the process of compiling school reports. It generates a ready to print school report.


Futuris is a start-up based in DRC, providing architectural services. The websites serves as a footprint of their brand, and it's a direct point of contact.


Python [Data science and ML, Web development, Desktop Application]


Advanced Excel [Data visualization, Dashboard design, Data Analysis]


HTML5 - CSS3 [Bootstrap, Material Design]


JavaScript [JQuery | ReactJS | NodeJS]


Visual Basic [VBA Excel]


Cloud Computing [AWS | GCP]


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  • Data Analyst Intern - mDoc

    July 2021 - Present

    - Design an automated dashboard to track and analyse some of the team's KPIs to measure performance and identify areas of improvement
    - Participate in the generation of data reports for the RICOM3 project activities
    - Work alongside the team leads to identify business needs and growth opportunities through data analysis

  • CTO - Dessart studio

    Sept 2020 - Present

    - Plan the growth and scale of the company
    - Lead the development of the company's tech products and services

  • People Analytics and Design Intern - African Leadership Academy

    July 2020 - Oct 2020

    - Designed user-friendly careers webpages to attract more talented individuals and best represent the organization’s employee experience and brand
    - Automated immigration tasks like checking expiring visas of students and employees, reducing the error rate to a virtual 0
    - Collaborated with the recruitment team in scheduling and interviewing finalist candidates for 3 positions

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